Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Jen of the Caribbean!

Hello everyone! I'm back from my winter cruise adventure! It was a pretty good time, but its nice to be back on dry land. Being on a cruise ship almost feels like being in a huge human zoo. You sit in your little cabin most of the day waiting for food, and they have a little water pool and places to layout and sun yourself, but mostly your day is spent waiting around for food. And man the food. You can eat 24 hours a day if you want, so you end up spending a lot of time just trying to be hungry for the next meal.

Anyways yeah, the boat was boring, but the nature was flipping sweet. The water! The cloudforms! The beaches! Ahh! Amazing! You'd think with all this inspiration I would have drawn something right? Wrong. I have drawn nothing. My sister even drew more then I did! (I'll have you know *I* wrote Merry Christmas.)

Also I'm reading the History of Brittain for Dummies. I'm up to like King Henry III, around the 1200s I think. History is pretty much a huge mess, but its been fascinating me a lot recently. My goal is to read more nations' historys until I'm the smartest dummy around. My sister even gave me her anthropology book! Yeah!

Ok I have to go do exciting things now like buy milk at the grocery store. Seeya!