Wednesday, July 01, 2009


WOooooooooooooooW....its been forever!

But yeah anyways, I've completed my work on Disney's, "The Princess and the Frog" and now I'm on vacation for a few weeks. I gave myself the goal of starting work on one of my personal projects during that time. I had a couple ideas, but I decided to focus on a retelling of the Billy Goats Gruff tale. I looooove it when fairy tales get kinda dark and creepy, and Billy Goats Gruff has that potential. I've been focusing most of my energy so far on the troll and the bridge, the creepy part. I posted some troll drawings a couple of years ago on this blog. I was pretty happy with the design at the time, so I tried to take what I did then and elaborate on it a little bit. Mostly I just added a body. I got pretty stuck on what his body should look like. I knew I wanted long spidery arms, and little back legs, but I couldn't get the right body shape to tie it all together. What really helped me was to think about how he would move. Then a body shape just kind of popped out!

Anyways the story and the characters have a long way to go, but I think the troll is headed in the right direction. Hopefully next time I'll have some bridge/setting type art. Or maybe some storyboards!

Thanks for looking! Sorry I'm a terrible blogger!