Thursday, November 23, 2006

German Shepherds!

In celebration of Thanksgiving I give you German Shepherds!! Well sort of I guess. The two just kind of coincided! I was going to update last night, but I broke the backspace key on my keyboard and spent a whole hour trying to fix it. Its really due to a kitten's ass that I got into the mess in the first place, but it was my own foolishness that broke the key. Now backspace is kind of just hanging there, dangling from one side and when I press it, it sort of sticks to my fingers, pulls up and doesn't register. *shakes head* It is the burden I must bear I suppose.

Anyways I drew these at work after being inspired by miss Heidi Jo Gilbert. They were pretty fun! My favorite part was trying to design the fur patterns and make it feel German Shepherdy. I think the one on the right has the right idea. I like the neck the most. The face is a little weird though. But yeah it is!

Also Fried Green Tomatoes is one of the saddest movies I can remember seeing. Not that it even ends sad! It just has these sad parts just make me cry. I cried during the movie and then afterwards when I started thinking about it again! I guess you all know how much of a soggy-faced girl I really am.

OK.....German Shepherds! Thanksgiving! Food.....prep...eration......

Monday, November 20, 2006

Old Story Idea

This was an old story idea I had my third year at school. I originally had huge epic plans to do a fourth year film in cg with these characters, but then griffins and other such things filled my thoughts. (Not to mention CG films are a lot of work!!) So it fell by the wayside. I think about it a lot though and I'd really like to make the film someday. Its kind of this bittersweet thing with this hermit alien guy and this little firefly that becomes his friend. I guess it sounds like boring cheese when I put it that way, but there's more to it then that! I'll probably be doing a bunch of art for it cause I'm thinking about trying to board it. Its going to be a glacially slow project, cause I don't have much free time, but I will try!

Anyways, here's a picture. I colored it on the Cintiq. I'm not sure about the background. It was a lot of playing around. Ok so here it is! I have a few more sketches but I haven't colored them yet! More to come!

Oh and speaking of bittersweet things! This film Kiwi is adorable!! I just find it so charming and sweet. You should watch it!