Monday, November 20, 2006

Old Story Idea

This was an old story idea I had my third year at school. I originally had huge epic plans to do a fourth year film in cg with these characters, but then griffins and other such things filled my thoughts. (Not to mention CG films are a lot of work!!) So it fell by the wayside. I think about it a lot though and I'd really like to make the film someday. Its kind of this bittersweet thing with this hermit alien guy and this little firefly that becomes his friend. I guess it sounds like boring cheese when I put it that way, but there's more to it then that! I'll probably be doing a bunch of art for it cause I'm thinking about trying to board it. Its going to be a glacially slow project, cause I don't have much free time, but I will try!

Anyways, here's a picture. I colored it on the Cintiq. I'm not sure about the background. It was a lot of playing around. Ok so here it is! I have a few more sketches but I haven't colored them yet! More to come!

Oh and speaking of bittersweet things! This film Kiwi is adorable!! I just find it so charming and sweet. You should watch it!


Edward Juan said...

I remember this spirte! Are you really going to make it into a short film? Oops! I said too much!
You should try and post that test you did for Frank's class with this character. I thought it was so inspiring!

Moro Rogers said...

It's a sweet character!

Heidi Gilbert said...

:) I agree with Ed. You should post the animation you did! Also, you should board some of this. Because I want to see it. In fact, I want to see it by Monday. GET CRACKIN'! :)

Jennifer Hager said...

Thanks guys! And I'm glad you liked that animation. :)! I guess I can try and dig it out. I think I had that one and a Stitch one that never made it into the computer. Maybe I will!

Yeah and Heidi...Monday? You are one tough roommate! Saving your mom from sharks and a whole storyreel in 4 days. Wow, its going to be a long weekend! :)