Friday, March 02, 2007

Kitten CaDoodle

Wow its been a while!

So yeah, anyways, I'm going to take a moment to fawn over my two cats. Here goes!

I've got these two cats, Squash and Stretch. I love those little guys, even though at times they can be huge obnoxious turds. For instance, today, upon returning to my apartment I discover Stretch has blasted his way though my velcro cabinet defenses to pilfer the huge bag of cat food hidden within. *shakes head*

If these cats were filmmakers Squash would be Ron Howard, sweet, sentimental (Cinderella Man) and at times stupid(The Grinch Who Stole Christmas), and Stretch would be Michael Bay(Armageddon). Squash wanders around making this adorable chirping noise looking for love and food. He gets into trouble by accident and he never understands. Stretch on the other hand is actually in search of badness. Everything on the counter must be knocked on the floor, and if its on the floor it must be ripped to pieces. Upon yelling at him he will immediately tear off around the apartment making this frustrated gurgle noise looking for something else to rip up and destroy.

Anyways that's probably enough cat talk. The real point of this post is this drawing I did of the two cats. I've been trying to caricature them for a while now, and this one felt pretty good. Squash is the cute orange one and Stretch is the long-faced gray one.

Ok until next time!