Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Racconcert (and a dog named Rogue)

Hey everyone! As update. The last few months have left little time for art. This summer I plan to change that. I've got to do a massive amount of art in the next few months. Gotta improve and get a kick ass portfolio going on. I doodle tons of crap at work all day, but most of it is crap...or griffins. (Seriously I draw so many griffins its ridiculous.) I've been trying to branch out and do other things. Anyways these drawings came out of that.

Here's a bunch of raccoons rocking out. I was listening to the O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack and I started seeing raccoons playing banjos, then it turned into a whole band. I drew the dude with the bass(or is it base? alas you are so few clicks away, but, alas, I am also lazy.) and I tried to draw his hand on the frets, but it wouldn't really reach, so I starting wondering how a tiny raccoon would actually play that thing. I realized he needed a friend to sit up there and hold the notes while he plucked the strings. Ah ha! anyways...

And then I also doodled my friend Heidi's doberman, Rogue. Apparently some people call dobermans dobies. Its really annoying. To me. But then I'm annoyed by words like cupboard and huzzah, so there you go.

Once in a...

What's this? I think Jen might actually be updating soon!

Oh crap! This is serious. I think its really going to happen you guys!