Saturday, August 26, 2006


I drew these last night while watching "Last Call with Carson Daly". I don't normally stay up past Conan O'Brien, who is one of my personal heros, and its for good reason. First of all I'd be really really tired for work in the morning, and more importantly "Last Call with Carson Daly" is one of the worst programs I've ever seen, but there's nothing else but infomercials on that late on basic cable. It's physically painful to watch. Nothing is funny and everyone is trying so hard and failing entirely. Also apparently they have to pay the audience 7 dollars an hour to sit through it. *shakes head*

Anyways...I hadn't drawn dinosaurs in a while, so I did. Dinosaurs are so cool. I watercolored it in front of the lodge at Calarts today. It was really peaceful. There's nothing more calming then doing watercolors in a nice place. I've got to make a habit out of it.


Some Dude said...

Yessir, Carson Daly is an odd duck. It's rash, though, to dismiss his brand of awfulness without some dissection, Hager.

Among the youth- oriented music network crowds he ruled as a monarch. Now he's like a middle manager who's been promoted one rung too far and is left to struggle mightily and vainly in a position for which he's ill-suited. Obviously, he knows how bad he is as a comedian, interviewer, and "television personality" and that no amount of honing will make him better. He KNOWS this. What else is there to look forward to as a deejay-turned-veejay-turned-Late Night ... teeveejay? This was supposed to be his brass ring.

Conversely, can more than a day or two pass without Conan dragging out these old stand-bys: stare-off with Max, cat claw and purr, nerdy voice and wagging finger, Donald Trump face, Tarja Halonen face, "What the hell was that?" or a kayak falling down a mountain. Now Carson, on the other hand, you never know which way his gaucherie will mislead him. Inappropriate small talk? Horrible impression? Tara Reid joke? He's a real-life David Brent. So next time you see that bewildered semi-retarded mug of his, ask yourself, does even Carson Daly want to be Carson Daly? Seriously, I cannot stand that guy

. . . also, I like the drawings. They remind me of school pictures.

Moro Rogers said...

Beautiful Styracosaurus.

jojo said...

rad dinos, jen!

Jennifer Hager said...

Thanks y'all!

Moro - I didn't know what that was, but now I do! :)

SMacLeod said...

Nice. Show these to Austin, he'll have a geekish fit.