Monday, October 16, 2006


About a month ago my roommates and I acquired two crazy babies....KITTENS! And being the animation nerds we are, we named them Squash and Stretch.

This is Squash:

And this is Stretch:

The picture is ripe for some kind of "cat out of the bag" play on words. I'm not going to do it though.

I will do this though: Looks like a "CATastrophe!"

This occurance was so cute it may have cured all cancer with in a 2 mile radius. The picture doesn't do it enough justice, but was adorable.

Squash the leg climber:

Just general cuteness:

And finally here's a few cat scribbles!


Adrian Molina said...

Can I just say a-freakin-dorable? Can I do that?

But just to play devil's advocate, I happen to know that those cats can be hella bitches if they want to. That being said, they know how to be cute for the camera.

Edward Juan said...

FINALLY, update! Stop working so hard at work jen!

Love the cat photos of course. I like stretch a lot, I should stop by more and play with him. Squash is way too snuggly for me. I wish you gals dress them up for halloween.

Burly Hairly Lumber Jack said...

Man, that even made my heart melt a little-- and that's saying something for a lumber-jack!

AnimatorNickB said...


jesus chambrot said...

Yeah,their cute now but when you turn off the lights and go to sleep they STEAL YOUR SOUL> RUN OUT OF THE HOUSE peoples if you value your life...but they are pretty cuddly aren't they?