Sunday, August 19, 2007

Road Trip! (In fake drawing land.)

Well I've finished my first portfolio assignment to myself. I created a series of vignettes with my stuffed puppy character and myself on a road trip around the USA. I've been on a lot of road trips pretty much ALL over the place, so I thought it was a good topic. A few of them were based on real life events, but I guess not in any of the ones I'm posting here. At first I was trying to base all of them on real events in some way or another, but fantasy world road trip seemed more interesting in some cases.

Now I'm ramping up for my second assignment, which is to board a segment from my Billy Goat's Gruff story. I don't really have it all worked out yet, so its proving a challenge to get started. Not to mention I just bought Zelda: Twilight Princess. I wasn't supposed to get it until I finished my portfolio, but I had this gift certificate that was going to expire. Now its all up to will power. Must..finish....portfolio!!

Ok so here's four of the dozen or so vignettes I did. The first two images are going to be the bookend pictures to the rest. The rest are done as polaroids. That's sure was a weird aspect ratio for me. I just can't think of compositions vertically like that. So anyways here's two of the polaroids.

Ok until next time!


Heidi Gilbert said...

These are sweet Jen!! Post the rest of them! Or at least more of them.

I like the pidgeon one at the White House! Pretty funny! You got your mini cooper down don't you? I need to practice drawing that for my secret project that you know about. :)

Edward Juan said...

Jen, i'm in LA now. until friday morning. WHERE ARE YOU!?!?!?

Adrian Molina said...

Haha, these are great Jen! I especially like the one where they're looking up at the stars. So peaceful and pensive.

lissa said...

Sweet sauce, jen!
That star-gazing drawing came out really nice and those polaroid frames really snazz-up those others.
Those pigeons look so stupid (the pigeons, not the drawings) :) they made me laugh.


THose ar e so great Jen, HEY COME TO CARTOON NETWORK TOMOROW AT 2:30 TO WATCH GILROY( our pilot) You are our guest. Whoever you would want to bring as a guest as well.

Q/Minkyu said...

Yeah! This makes me excited for the REAL road trip we will be going on.
I wonder if the night sky will look as nice as the second drawing.

ZaR said...

These are very charming, and I love the doggy character from your film.

c.g.young said...

Without a doubt,..the best thing I've run across in awhile. I really enjoy the emotion you put into your characters. They have a soul....fantastic.

Anonymous said...

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