Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Here're some baby griffins I drew a few months back. I have a griffin addiction! I can't stop drawing them. It is probably my most common doodle, so sorry if you're bored by my endless stream of griffins. Anyways, I spent a while trying to get really cute scratching poses. (Ah...the goals we set for ourselves!) The biggest challenge was trying to get all the limbs into good positions silhouette-wise. I started trying to color them with my wacom at home, but it was too lame, so I stayed late at work to color them on the Cintiq. Yeah! I have a few more drawings I didn't get around to coloring. So yes, fear not! More cuteness is on the way!

Also nerdy fun fact for today:

I realized early this morn that Pirates of the Caribbean II will be released exactly one year before J.K. Rowling puts out the 7th and final Harry Potter book on 7/7/07. Ruminate on that my fellow nerds!

And also... I don't remember who was debating this with me, but the definition of ruminate is:

1. To turn a matter over and over in the mind.
2. To chew cud.

So you can do either of those things to my fun fact.

And now... GRIFFINS!


jesus chambrot said...

So Jen, is this baby griffin getting at a flea or is his foot just possesed by one of the Deadites from the Evil Dead movies?

Edward Juan said...

that's adorable! i like the first one the most, reminds me of puppy. so... HARRY POTTER LAST BOOK 7/7/7!!! thanks for the awesome info jen!

Edward Juan said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jennifer Hager said...

Jesus - A little from column A, a little from column B. ;)!

Ed - Thanks! Yeah and I think that's the release date. That might just be rumor and speculation though. It would be awesome though.... ya know... with all the sevens and all. :)

jesus chambrot said...

Hey Jen, did you get that 50 inch plasma tv yet? They got 62 inch plasma tv's at Fry's. Amazing!

Jennifer Hager said...

62?! Aww! Man, there's always something better! But no I haven't gotten it. I'm pretty poor at the moment. I think maybe I can order it in September? Maybe? It's going to be a while. *sigh*

Sorensen said...

Hi Jen, I think that was my post you deleted.

Um, I guess I'm bothering you. I think that may have been the case the last time we communicated much, many years ago - in my defense, you never outright told me you had a problem with me or what those problems were - you just started dissappearing more often from your messageboard.

Anyways, pitiful attempts at defending my ego aside, sorry things didn't work out and we can't be friends, I'll stop bothering you.

Good luck. I think your stuff is awesome and you will do well in your field. I believe in talent, but I think your way of the ninja is hard work, too. err nvmnd -_-; that's an anime reference.


Jennifer Hager said...

Mike - Um... I haven't deleted anyones posts off this blog. I didn't even realize I had the power to do that. I don't have any ill will towards you or anyone else who's posting, so don't fret!

Sorensen said...


oh, someone deleted their own post... and I thought -you- deleted -mine-.

Sorry, I have had some issues with some people lately O_O;

potato farm girl said... cute....can not take griffin eating his own foot... ahhhh!!!