Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Well Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest comes out in two days. I really hope its good. I'm so tired of being disappointed. I go back and forth between complete confidence of its awesomeness and a cautious worry that "Hollywood" has screwed up yet another really REALLY fun film series. *sigh* I will just have to wait and see. Regardless of how it turns out though, I'm still excited right now! I have random pictures for you people!

First of all I hate Superman Returns. A lot. Bryan Singer left X3 to rot for this piece of garbage?! Pffft! I'm really looking forward to watching Pirates II blow it out of the water this weekend at the box office. Yeah! I made this image to express my emotions:

I wanted to do picture of Superman actually being blasted out of the sky by the Black Pearl, but such a picture was not to be found, so I had to settle for this instead. Maybe this is more..... tasteful? Eh?

And also, (and this is less stupid) last summer I went down to San Diego with some of the other Dreamworks story trainees and on the way down we spotted this on the 5 freeway:

Upon closer inspection it seemed to be some kind of morbid movie prop. Here's a high-res photo for you:

One year later I see the trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest and what do I see?! The same morbid movie prop!!! So awesome!!! It's totally the same thing, check it out!

Every once in a while its pretty awesome to live in L.A. (And by "in", I mean "near", because I don't actually live there. I'm Jennifer Hager and I don't endorse lying.)

Ok this was a completely geeky post. I'll have some art in the next one!


jesus chambrot said...

But Jen, Superman can totally fly away. What you need is just have the Black Pearl made out of kryptonite like this...

(Actually this is where a cool pic of the Black Pearl carved out of Kryptonite pic would be located. But I didn't have the use of Pen's computer and photshop...but if you imagined it,it would look really cool. And nothing is better than using your own imagination. Viva La France!

AnimatorNickB said...

Yes Pirates will freaking rock!!! At least Jack Sparrow won't fly away with a giant continent full of Kryptonite. But I too share your dissapointment. While I did like parts of Superman, the whole ending thing really did get to me. Well we can rant and rant when your back in good old Valencia! (Side note, Valencia is kinda starting to grow on me! :-) )

Edward Juan said...

jen, that's totally awesome. way too cool! you saw the prop and then you see it in the trailer, and later in the movie. you are living the Hollywood life, i'm telling you daring, the hollywood life!

Anonymous said...

holy shit! i forgot about seeing that thing! thats the day jon got bitten in the ass by a penguin. ha ha.
DUDE. hows Mary-Land?

Jeremy Bernstein said...

That is so cool that you saw that. I love moments like that! I remember a couple years back, I found a lot on San Fernando that had props from "The Mummy" I snagged a rubber snake and 2 realistic looking eyeballs from a mummy dummy. Ha. That rhymes!

Anonymous said...

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